Monday, April 12, 2010

Henry Aaron's Dream

When I first picked this book up I asked myself "Did they mean HANK Aaron's dream?" I thought that it was probably a fiction story about a boy named Henry Aaron who wanted to play baseball. I was wrong. Henry Aaron is Hank Aaron, he didn't become Hank until he finally made it into the Major Leagues. Unexpectedly to me, this was a non-fiction book but I still really enjoyed it. The illustrations looked to be oil paintings and they were beautiful and really added a lot to the words on the page. I'm a big baseball fan, so that might be why I responded so much to the book but I also think that Hank Aaron had a great story. It tells you not only about his journey as a colored baseball player but it also describes the climate that was going on during that time between whites and blacks in America. This could be a great book to use in a classroom whether you are discussing Civil Rights or if you are having a unit about sports. The only questionable thing about this book was that it contained the 'n' word, to show what kinds of names Hank Aaron was called during his journey. I wouldn't want to be the one to expose that racist term to my students so I would think twice about reading that part, but the rest of the book was great.

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