Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So far in this class, I have really enjoyed all of the material that I have gotten to revisit or experience new. I grew up with a world full of books, so it's especially great that I still get to follow children's literature although I am no longer a child. I especially liked the unit on the controversial books. Some people never consider the fact that a book written for children could be controversial and it was really interesting to see the different books that cause people to be in uproar. I also enjoy the freedom of the class. Although we have certain assignments some weeks, other weeks we are free just to pick any kinds of books that we want. This has provided a great opportunity to think about what kinds of books I would like to have in my classroom when I become a teacher. It's providing great experience with literature that I think will be especially useful in the future and I will be excited to get to apply it.

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