Monday, January 25, 2010

The Duchess of Whimsy

Another book I read this week was The Duchess of Whimsy: An Absolutely Delicious Fairytale by Randall de Seve and Peter de Seve. This book was a "delicious fairytale". It begins with the Duchess of Whimsy whose father desperately wishes would love the Earl of Norm. Their names hold a lot of truth for their characters, for the Duchess of Whimsy likes everything to be extravagant, marvelous and wonderful while the Earl of Norm prefers things to be...normal. Only when they meet over something seemingly so ordinary, a grilled cheese sandwich, does the Duchess of Whimsy realize just how extraordinary ordinary can be and the two seemingly opposites fall in love.
I loved this book. It was gorgeous to look at, with bold illustrations that had so much color. Also, it was a cute story with lots of different vocabulary in it that I think could be a good teaching moment for a child reading it. The message it sends is also a good one, don't count something (or someone) out just because it may seem ordinary. Something that may look one way, may actually be something completely different.

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