Monday, January 25, 2010

The Mitten

The first children's book that I read was The Mitten. I chose this book mainly because I remembered it being one of my favorites as a kid. This is a fun story about a child who desperately wants his grandmother to make him white mittens, much to her argument that he will lose them in the white snow. She makes them and sure enough, he loses one of them. When his mitten is lost, numerous animals come across this comfortable and cozy mitten and decide to make it their new home. Eventually by the end of the book, every animal that you can imagine living in the woods has found their new habitat. This book is a really fun read, especially in the wintertime. The illustrations are also beautiful and from the writer's note at the beginning of the book I learned that this is based on a folktale. So not only is this book something enjoyable to read but it also has a bit of history to it as well.

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