Monday, January 25, 2010

Would I Trade my Parents?

The last book I read this week was Would I trade my Parents? Written by James Bernadin. I thought this was a really cute story about a boy who ponders the thought of trading his parents in by comparing them to the rest of his friends parents. He goes over everything that he likes best about the parents that he knows, but then eventually concludes that although his parents don't let him do all the things his friends might, they still are his parents and he wouldn't trade them for anything. I thought that this book had a nice message, about finding the best in every family, even in your own. I remember being younger and always being jealous of certain things in my friend's lives and this story probably would have been nice for me to read so that I could understand that my family has it's good qualities as well. I also enjoyed the illustrations and the actual story itself. The other families in the story were enjoyable and each very unique. Overall, I really enjoyed this book.

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