Monday, February 1, 2010

Junie B. Jones is a Party Animal

The book from a series that I chose to read this week was Junie B. Jones is a Party Animal by Barbara Park. This is a series that I used to read when I was younger and I used to encourage all the kids I babysat to read them as well. Junie is a funny character who says comments that are beyond her years and she just doesn't know it yet. There are enough illustrations to keep a child interested in the book and they are the perfect length for a child not to get bored. One of the downfalls of the Junie B. Jones series is that the book isn't written grammatically correct. Junie talks like a 5 year old most likely does talk and Barbara Park stays true to that. The argument against this series is that it doesn't teach a child how to speak and write in a grammatically correct way. However, I don't believe that a child will be negatively impacted by these books because they are just simply fun to read. Junie is a lively character that makes you want to read about more of her adventures whether they are grammatically correct or not.

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