Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Alice the Fairy

Alice the Fairy can be described in one word, bold. The illustrations are bold and the font is bold. Even the character of Alice can definitely be described that way as well. Alice is a little girl whose imagination takes her very far into the world of fairies. The book is full of jokes and humor, which is my favorite aspect of the book, but I think that it goes over some of the younger readers' heads. I read this particular book with my child buddy at Grant Wood and she seemed to enjoy it but didn't seem to get the witticisms like I did. The illustrations are full page and bright and fun to look at. Alice is a fun, silly little girl and that is what makes this book so great. The way that her face can take up a whole page of illustration just makes her character seem so big and lively. I loved the way that David Shannon wrote and chose to illustrate this book and it makes me eager to try out some of his others, especially one that he won a Caldecott award for called No, David! This is definitely one of my favorite books for this semester so far and I hope that whoever is reading this blog goes out and gets it from the library or the bookstore. It would be a great addition to any bookshelf.

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