Monday, February 1, 2010

Arthur's TV Trouble

Another book, or series you could say, I was fond of as a child was the Arthur series. It all started when Arthur was watching The Bionic Bunny Show and he saw an ad for the amazing doggy Treat Timer and he just has to have it. He performs a series of chores to afford it only to be met with a surprise once he could. I enjoy Arthur books because each one comes with a "lesson" of some sort. The illustrations are usually full page and fun to look at and Arthur and his friends are entertaining characters. It's also a TV show so even if kids haven't read the books they are usually familiar with the characters anyways. The little girl I work with at an elementary school each week chose this book to read to me and she seemed to really enjoy it. Some of the words were a little hard for her to pronounce, so I think she might have gotten a little more out of it had I read this particular story to her, but either way it is an enjoyable story that kids definitely respond to.

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