Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Face the Wind

I Face the Wind is written by Vicki Cobb. There is a label on the front that says Vicki Cobb Science Play. The book is an interactive one about air and the questions that many kids have about it. Like, does air have weight? This book helps to answer that question and many others that could stump even people like me when we try to explain. It's a great information book because it takes real life situations to help to explain to a child about wind. Such as your hair blowing or flags fluttering straight out. The only problem that I would have with this book is if I wasn't going to do the experiments that it asks you to do, then there really wouldn't be much to read. However, there is a letter from the author on the first page stating that this is an experimental book and to have certain supplies ready. I think that a child would be really excited to do these experiments, children like most any experiments that have to do with science. It's for both genders and any one can do the experiments, requesting pretty simple materials such as a hanger and a balloon. Overall, I think that a kid could really have fun with this book.

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