Monday, February 1, 2010

Clifford's Birthday Party

Another book I always encourage the kids I babysit to read is the Clifford Series by Norman Bridwell. A series that probably exists on most kids bookshelves, Clifford is a big red dog whose size usually leads to various mishaps on any occasion. In this case it is Clifford's birthday and he gets some interesting presents from his friends and things don't really go as planned. But in the end he realizes what is most important about birthdays, and it isn't the presents. I always enjoy Clifford books because I love how they all start out with the same sentence. It offers kids a chance to be able to read along even when they can't read yet, simply by memorizing that one sentence. The illustrations are pretty basic, at least by today's standards, but they still are done well enough to keep kids' attention. Also, Clifford is a great character because he usually tries to do the right thing, with his size being the thing that most often gets in the way. He sets a great example for his fellow dogs, and for the readers of his books. There are many adventures with Clifford to explore and I encourage everyone to do so.

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