Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret is one of those books that at points has been swirling with controversy. Judy Blume is an author that is no stranger to controversy, with many of her books containing strong themes of sex. However, I grew up reading her books and I turned out just fine. Of course, I remember reading the sexually explicit parts with my friends and giggling out loud. But it didn't make me any worse for the wear. This book is a coming of age story about a girl who has no idea what her religion is, but still talks to god for many requests about growing boobs and getting her period. Obviously, this wouldn't be a great book for boys. I enjoyed reading this book, mostly because of the fact I remembered most every event that happened since I read this book when I was younger. One thing to say about this book is that it is severely outdated and most young teenage girls reading this book would be confused by the references that they make. Even with the outdated references, the books main themes still old true for every teenage girl that is trying to grow up. A quick read, without any illustrations, I would say that this book is probably for 11-14 year old girls. Any younger, and you're entering into too immature of territory. This book is a little silly when I read it as an adult but I can't deny the fact that if I have a daughter, I may just give this to her to read.

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