Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Lightning by Seymour Simon is a book that contains so much information, even I found it challenging to comprehend. Lighting is a pretty complex subject so it's pretty hard to dumb down even for children. The pictures are pretty cool to look at, because what pictures of lightning aren't? I think that if reading this book, most of the kids would focus on the pictures rather than on the information that it is giving. Speaking as a 20 year old adult, I enjoyed learning about lightning, the various kinds and how it is created, I'm just not sure that an 8 year old would feel the same. I would definitely start this book maybe around the 3rd grade area and even up to 6th grade. The 6th graders might think it's a baby book, but I promise that the information that is in there isn't too young for an adult, let alone a 6th grader.

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