Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Face to Face With Leopards

Face to Face With Leopards written by Beverly and Dereck Joubert, two National Geographic writers, is a great information and story book about a particular leopard named Legadema. These two authors have been living in Africa and following this Leopard for many years. This provides an excellent setup for a book that helps a child learn about this exotic species but also provides a back story of a leopard and their way of life. The accompanying pictures are stunning, both of the photographers getting so close to the leopard that you almost can't believe they survived. I also loved the side stories about Legadema, being a leopard that almost believed itself to be a house cat and liked to spend time with the two authors, enjoying the shade parked underneath their jeep. I think that boys and girls alike would enjoy this book, and even an adult would enjoy it. The information isn't too lengthy or boring and instead I walked away feeling as though I knew more about Leopards and that I had learned a great story about a particular one. The back is also filled with extra information that a child might like to read after the book. Overall, I was really pleased with this book and would highly recommend this.

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