Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Day!

I chose Snow Day by Patricia Lakin this week because of the amount of snow that Iowa has gotten this winter, and how every time it snows I still wish for a snow day. This is a really simple book, great for beginner readers. It relies a lot on rhyming words and the words don't really get much harder than "mittens" and "scarves". It's enjoyable to look at because the characters are alligators. I think that it provides an interesting twist on the illustrations to have the characters be an animal enjoying a snow day, rather than humans. What was really cute about this book was that from the beginning you assume that these are little alligator school children, thrilled for a day of snow, but we later find out that these are actually four principals who are enjoying the prospect of a snow day just as much as the students. I thought that it was a cute twist on an otherwise simple story, although one that might go over a child's head a little bit. Overall, it's a good book to read with kids who still can hope for a snowday.

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