Monday, February 22, 2010

Listen, Listen

Listen, Listen by Phillis Gershator and Alison Jay is one of those rare books that I find myself not wanting to put down after I finish it. A book created around the sounds of nature and the season, it's the stunning illustrations that really make this book so good. With a cracked quality to the cover and to the illustrations it almost appears as though you are looking at canvas drawings or inside of an old globe. I would be interested to hear why the authors chose to represent the illustrations this way. I found the words to be written in a soothing, calming manner. It would make a great book to read to your kids before they go to bed. Also it provides a great opportunity for the readers to think of their own sounds of nature and the seasons. It would be a great book to read maybe in first grade if they are doing a lesson about the seasons or just about nature. This is a book that I am definitely interested in adding to my book shelf both as a teacher and for my future kids.

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  1. Oh, just reading your thoughts about this book makes me want to check it out! Sounds relaxing!=)I like how simple it sounds, but yet how much you could expand the topic of nature and seasons. I like how you said you would also put that on your bookshelf as a teacher.