Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Portly and Their Little Dog, Snack

This was a book that I chose off of the new book section in the curriculum lab. I chose it because of it's attractive cover and bright illustrations. I have discovered that so far through this process, I really am most strongly attracted to reading a book with a bright and colorful cover on it. This has posed some problems because I'm sure I'm missing out on some great books by choosing them this way. But in the case of this book, I read a pretty good one by judging a book by it's cover. Mrs. Portly comes across the little dog named Snack and just has to have him. While Mr. Portly is away on business, her and Snack become the best of friends. But, when Mr. Portly returns Snack has to earn the love of him as well. This book was unique in the fact that the illustrations and the font seemed to mirror each other, both very clean and simple. I think that the illustrations suited the book well, because there was a lot of story that went to this book and it didn't need much illustration to supplement it. I enjoyed this book because it didn't feel like a picture book as much as some other children's books. The words were big enough to pose a challenge to some readers and that is a nice change from books such as Snow Day, that I read previously, that uses very simple wording. Overall, this book may be a little challenging for some readers but the story and the illustrations are worth the read.

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