Monday, February 22, 2010

Book Fair Day

Book Fair Day is another book that is part of a series that I did not know about. There is also Science Fair Day and Teacher Appreciate Day. I haven't read those two, but I really enjoyed this one. It's about a boy who loves to read so much that he just cannot wait to get his chance at the book fair that day. Of course, he runs into obstacles but eventually we see him finally get to read all the books he wants. It was nice to read a book about a boy who loves reading so much. I feel like a lot of books reinforce gender stereotypes and we don't get an opportunity to see books about boys who love to read as much as we should. The illustrations are simple and old fashioned but I really enjoyed them. They provide something to look at without overwhelming the text. Overall, this was a fun read that my child study buddy really enjoyed reading and I think most readers would as well.

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