Monday, February 22, 2010

And then it rained...

This was such a unique story written by an author with an equally unique name, Crescent Dragonwagon. The main title is And then it rained...about a town who is just sick of the rain. And then you flip the book over and the new title is And then the sun came out...about a town that is just sick of the sunshine. This is a really cute idea for a book. The characters are the same in each edition of the story and it makes you think about how much we love the variation in weather, even though all we do is complain about it, and how even when it's sunny for 10 days in a row, sometimes it's nice to finally get that rain. The illustrations are beautiful to look at, done in what I believe is oil paint but I'm not positive. They take up the whole page, which is my favorite because it provides so much for a child to look at. I think any kid would get a kick out of this book, the only problem is that is there no ending. You could keep flipping the book over and over again, which a child might want you to do! Overall, I recommend this book.

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