Monday, February 22, 2010

Rattletrap Car

Rattletrap Car by Phyllis Root is a fun, interactive book. It was a lot different than I had expected when I first picked the book up off the shelves. The book uses a lot of word play, tongue twisters, rhyming and sounds. The reason why I think that this book is interactive is because the rattletrap car makes numerous crazy sounds as it is breaking down. The kids would have a lot of fun making these noises along with whoever is reading and emphasizing them each time the car breaks down. Also, the phrase "chocolate marshmallow fudge delight" is used quite often and I feel like kids respond to any book that has mention of such a delicious dessert in it's pages. The illustrations weren't my favorite, but they were still full page and still well done enough to provide a child who can't read something to look at. Overall, I thought this book would provide entertainment to kids who read it, but it also lacks a little in substance. It's definitely a quick read, not one that you would want to read to send any sort of moral message, but it's fun nonetheless.

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